The Wedding (Part 2)
Season 4, episode 19
The wedding 2
Air date February 15, 1991
Writer(s) Joel Zwick
Director Jeff Franklin
Previous The Wedding (Part 1)
Next Fuller House

The Wedding (Part 2) is episode nineteen of season four of Full House. It originally aired on February 15, 1991.

Opening Teaser

In lieu of a teaser, we see Michelle sitting in her room's rocking chair, telling us that "Last week, everything went bananas!" And indeed, everything did go bananas, as we get a recap of just how bananas everything went, which ends with Michelle saying, "What will happen next? Even I don't know."


As Jesse hangs from the tree branch on the parachute, a tomato farmer's truck pulls up under him. He then releases himself from the parachute and falls safely into the bed of the truck. The farmer tells Jesse that he is in a town known as "Tomato Country." He then tries to use the farmer's truck to go to the church, but the sheriff shows up and arrests him.

By now, it is 10:25 a.m. and Jesse is 25 minutes late. The phone at the church rings, and it's him, who tells Becky that he is in jail in Tomato Country. She borrows her father Kenneth's car and heads to the jail and gets him released, but not before having a talk with him about what possessed him to skydive in the first place.

Kenneth's car is towed away because it was parked in a red zone. Jesse and Becky stop the next vehicle coming, which happens to be a gospel choir's bus (that of "The Voices of L.A."). They finally make their return to the church where they are married. The choir sings backup on Jesse's song (see Trivia), and even do their gospel rendition of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" as the newlywed couple departs down the aisle. During and after the reception at the Tanner home, "Jailhouse Rock" is sung and played (over a montage of the events, including the cutting of the cake). They then leave on Jesse's motorcycle (with "Finally Married!" over the license plate) for their honeymoon to Bora Bora, and the music ends with a jazzy rendition of Felix Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" as the family waves goodbye and the camera zooms out (and the EP credits appear).

Guest star

Kin Shriner played the sheriff. He is known for playing Scott Baldwin on the ABC soap opera General Hospital for over 35 years – including when John Stamos was on it.


  • The final episode in which Jesse's parents, Nick and Irene Katsopolis, and Becky's parents, Kenneth and Nedra Donaldson, appear (but would be mentioned several times after)
  • The song that Jesse sings during the wedding ("Forever") was written by Beach Boys members Dennis Wilson and Gregg Jakobson
  • The first stanza of the instrumental theme song is played 3 times in the closing credits (the third when John Stamos' and Gary Griffin's "Additional Music" and Ronald D. Greer's "The Voices of L.A." credits appear towards the end)
  • The wedding dress that Becky wears was previously (1989) worn by Lori Loughlin in her first wedding

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