Three Men and Another Baby
Season 3, episode 22
Three men and another baby
Air date April 13, 1990
Writer(s) Lenny Ripps
Director Bill Foster
Previous Just Say No Way
Next Fraternity Reunion

Three Men and Another Baby is episode twenty-one in season three of Full House. It originally aired on April 13, 1990.

Opening Teaser

Michelle calls Danny and Joey into her room because she says there's a monster in her closet. Joey tells her, "We've been through this 100 times: There's no such thing as monsters", not in her closet, and not even under her bed (though not mentioned, but most kids fear this anyway). She can only reply, "Uh huh, there's a Cookie Monster", to which Joey tells her, "The Cookie Monster is not a real monster. He's just a sugar freak who got stuck with a scary last name." She insists that there are monsters in her closet, and Danny insists there aren't and intends to prove it to her. He goes over and opens the closet door, and surprise, surprise, the "monster" is actually D.J. in disguise.


Danny and Jesse agree to act as babysitters for the Kagans' new baby (and Brian's baby brother), Tony, for a night. When Danny is too busy working to take care of Tony, he asks Jesse to help out.

Tony bonds with Jesse, who lets him sleep in Michelle's old crib, lets him play with her toys and sings to him Michelle's special bedtime song, generally ignoring Michelle. That leaves a hurt, depressed, and distraught Michelle thinking that Jesse no longer cares about her. Jesse proves Michelle wrong when Becky makes him realize how hurt he is making Michelle feel.

Meanwhile, Danny enrolls Comet in obedience school, and it is not making the dog as obedient as Danny would like for him to be.

Also, D.J. requests Joey's help in completing a tricky math problem having to do with different kinds of nuts, but when Joey can't seem to figure it out, he resorts to getting some help from a very unlikely source – Mohammed's House of Nuts.


Michelle: Uncle Jesse, come with me.
Jesse: Michelle, where are we going?
Michelle: To see Tony.
Jesse: What's the matter with Tony?
Michelle: He's still here.
Becky: Hey, Jess, I think Michelle's a little jealous because baby Tony's getting all her Uncle Jesse's attention. Now she wants to be the baby.
Jesse: What would give you a crazy idea like that?
Becky: Well, intuition, instinct. The fact that Michelle's sitting in the crib, sucking her thumb.
[Michelle is shown sitting in the crib, sucking her thumb]
Michelle: [to Tony] Night night, Tony.
Jesse: Aww, Michelle, that's so sweet.
Michelle: [to Tony] You're going home tomorrow, remember?


  • The last of six episodes to use the extended theme song this season
  • The episode title is a take on the 1988 movie Three Men and a Baby
  • The second (and last) appearances of Joyce and Michael Kagan, and the only appearance of Brian Kagan's baby brother, Tony

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