Triple Date
Season 2, episode 8
Triple date
Air date December 9, 1988
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Peter Baldwin
Previous Joey Gets Tough
Next Our Very First Christmas Show

Triple Date is episode eight in season two of Full House. It originally aired on December 9, 1988.

Opening Teaser

Stephanie is riding her tricycle around the living room, and Michelle is her first and only passenger, as she asks her to "Stop". Stephanie asks where Michelle is headed, and Michelle says "chicken", which Stephanie interprets as the "kitchen", and takes her there. As Michelle holds onto Stephanie so she doesn't fall off, Stephanie says, "That'll be 50¢, please."


Danny is overjoyed when he meets a woman in the produce aisle at the store. Her name is Denise, and Danny invites Denise and her two friends, Zoey and Cheryl, over to the house so they can meet Jesse and Joey for a triple date in the house. While they are getting ready, Danny suggests to D.J. that she, Stephanie and Michelle can go next door over to the Gibblers (which Stephanie shoots down, saying that all they do is watch the Home Shopping Network). D.J. suggests to Danny that she be allowed to babysit Stephanie and Michelle during the date, and he says yes.

Stephanie is not pleased with this decision because as she puts it, when Danny's around, D.J.'s a sweet little angel, but the minute he leaves, it will be "I'll get you, my pretty!" (said in the Wicked Witch voice – see Trivia). D.J. just pats her little sister on the head and says, "Isn't she precious?" She thinks that she will do just fine as a babysitter to her roommate, and says that she is ready for $3 an hour, maybe even $3.50. Danny says that she will do fine with $2.50, and D.J. takes the deal.

And as Stephanie feared, the minute he's out the door, D.J. has indeed gone from his "sweet little angel" to the Wicked Witch (complete with the cackle), saying "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little bear too!"; that "little bear" being, of course, Mr. Bear.

Jesse is not thrilled that he will be on a blind date, but he agrees to be part of it. In addition, Danny is pondering if he should take his wedding ring off. Jesse says he should, so he reluctantly does so, and leaves it on his desk.

While D.J. babysits Stephanie, she turns Stephanie into her servant. First Stephanie brings her a tray with her TV Guide, a bowl of popcorn, a popcorn salt shaker, extra napkins, and a soda. While D.J. is content with that, she would be more content if Stephanie would get her slippers, which she does, but D.J. wants Stephanie to put them on her, to which Stephanie refuses.

When the women arrive, Joey is paired with Zoey and Jesse with Cheryl. Problems arise because Zoey is not really amused with Joey's jokes or voice impressions, Cheryl is not exactly thrilled with Jesse, and Denise turns out to be Jesse's ex-girlfriend, who still has feelings for him. That has Danny wondering if there could possibly be a woman in San Francisco that Jesse has not dated before. Denise is still hung up on Jesse, and she can't get her mind off of him because she thinks that she and Jesse have an opportunity to get back together. However, a talk with Jesse has Denise coming to her senses.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Michelle dress up like Danny, wearing his clothes and jewelry. D.J. stops them in the bathroom upstairs, and while taking Danny's watch and wedding ring off of Stephanie, she accidentally drops the ring down the sink's drain.

Stephanie returns from putting Michelle in bed, at which point D.J. has an idea. She first takes her gum out, attaches it to Danny's tie after taking it off of Stephanie, and stuffs it down the drain in the hopes that the ring will attach to the gum. Stephanie remarks that that will ruin the tie, but D.J. tells her that the ring is more important than the tie and adds that she is dumb to not know that.

Unfortunately, D.J.'s plan does not work, as the tie gets stuck in the drain. So Stephanie decides to call it a night, but her babysitter stops her dead in her tracks and asks her to help, and even allows her to stay up late and do whatever she wants. She decides to implement plan B by getting Danny's toolbox, disconnecting the drain pipe, and running the water. However, the minute they disconnect the pipe, all the drained water sprays out. So she asks Stephanie to get something to catch the water. Stephanie first gets a small pink tub, but obviously, the keyword is small, so it fills up pretty quickly. She then gets the bowl with D.J.'s popcorn and wants to eat the rest of it, but D.J. tells her that it is probably stale by this point and should just be thrown away. They do that, and then use the empty bowl to catch the water. Then, in what appears to be an "epic fail" move, Stephanie dumps the water back into the sink, but of course, it ends up flowing back through the disconnected pipe and back down onto the bathroom floor. She then suggests they get into their bathing suits, but D.J. doesn't have time for sinking or swimming.

Jesse turns the water valve off. Joey gets Danny's tie out of the drain with D.J.'s gum stuck to it and stretching, too, suggesting that the girls have been watching too much Double Dare (see Trivia). Denise and the guys help the girls get the ring back. Then, Danny and D.J. have a quick talk in his room.

Afterwards, Danny finds that he and Zoey have something in common: they both love a clean bathroom. As they part ways, they remind each other to pre-soak their fine washables in tepid water, to which Danny says Jesse's catchphrase, "Have mercy!" The guys reflect on the night's events, with Danny promising to clean the bathroom, Joey to catch his blind date, and Jesse just sobbing his eyes out as he heads upstairs.


Danny: [regarding the negotiations on D.J.'s babysitting rate]: Why do I feel like I'm raising a used car salesman?

Stephanie: [to D.J. in their bedroom] I'm not touching your cootie feet!

Stephanie: [to D.J. in the bathroom] I'm dumb? Who knocked the ring down the drain, Miss Rocket Scientist?


  • "I'll get you, my pretty (and your little bear too)!" is a reference to the line from The Wizard of Oz, "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!", spoken by the Wicked Witch of the West to Dorothy (it is #99 on AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes)
  • Although there have been a few different TV series titled Double Dare, Joey is referring to Double Dare (Nickelodeon game show)
  • An outtake from this episode features the scene with Stephanie telling Danny not to put D.J. in charge of her; however, before she (Jodie Sweetin) can even complete her line, a hiccup in the background causes her and everyone on-set to laugh

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