So, if you haven't seen the end of season 2 of Fuller House, SPOILER ALERT! This is an analysis of the finale of this season. So, this episode right away featured Danny, Jessie, Joey, and Becky, who each had their moments in the episode. I'll start with Dj and Matt. Matt is off on a trip, and he says he will be back before New Year's eve. Of course, he gets there at the most awkward moment possible, and walks in when Dj proposes to Cj for Steve, because Steve was at a blank. I personally think Matt should've NOT made it before midnight, and for Matt and Dj to have some dramatic fight, to leave more of a cliffhanger, but I think the ending was fine. Now, Steve and Cj. Right away Steve knew he was proposing to Cj that night. Steve need help from Dj, and during one of their practice sessions for Steve's dramatic speech, Cj walks in and sees it, and think that Steve's proposing to Dj, but it turns out, they were rehearsing... But Steve forgets is lines, and Dj has to propose to Cj, and tell Cj the speech for him. So, Cj and Steve are now engaged, and if you know anything about me, you'll know I wanted Dj to end up with Steve ( because I'm a bigger fan of the original...), but I also think that Dj would end up HAPPIER, with Matt. Danny, Jessie, Joey, and Becky got into an argument about who should be Palmela's ( Becky and Jessie's adopted daughter) godfather! Best part of the episode! Ramona, Jackson, and their friends, each kissed and, needless to say, Ramona has a boyfriend! Steph and Jimmy, started really getting deep into their relationship, and Stephanie told Jimmy, she couldn't have kids, but ( inspired by Becky and Jessie), adoption is always an option... Kimmy and Fernando, were going to wear "matching outfits", but Kimmy's dress is... extremely ugly! This episode was 10/10, best season 2 episode! And what's your opinion... Dj and Steve, or Dj and Matt. Leave and comment, and thanks for reading!!!