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Vicky Larson
Vicky larson
General Information
Gender: Female
Birth: April 25, 1957
Address: New York
Occupation(s): News anchor, temporary co-host of Wake Up San Francisco
Family and Friends
Friends: Danny Tanner (boyfriend / fiance)
Other Informations
Interests: News / weather
Education: High school graduate

Series Information
First appearance: Nicky and/or Alexander
Last appearance: The Perfect Couple
Portrayer: Gail Edwards

Vicky Larson (born April 25, 1957) is Danny's girlfriend (and briefly fiancée) in seasons five through seven. She appears in fourteen episodes, beginning with "Nicky and/or Alexander" (season 5, episode 11), and ending with "The Perfect Couple" (season 7, episode 13). She was played by Gail Edwards.


Vicky is the type of woman who is very focused on her career, and that proves to be the undoing in her long-distance relationship with Danny. She also reveals herself to be seven months, three weeks, and two days older than Danny. They meet, and start dating while Vicky is filling in for Becky (who is on maternity leave) on Wake Up, San Francisco. Later, Danny insists that she take a job in Chicago doing the news that she was offered once Becky returns ("Play It Again, Jesse"), and that starts a long-distance relationship that goes from early season six to mid-season seven, and which includes their brief engagement at the end of season six. However, Vicky gets her dream job — anchoring the network news in New York — so she cannot come to live with Danny and his family in San Francisco, nor is Danny able to uproot his family in California. Therefore, they must break up, and she is not heard from again. This would be the final legitimate chance that Danny's daughters have of getting a new mother.

Vicky is a kind woman who gives good advice, especially when it comes to D.J.’s relationship with Steve, and helping Danny to deal with it. She also acts like a mother to Michelle on at least one occasion. When Michelle is being quite bossy during her day as "Princess" at Disney World, Vicky reminds her that a good princess is always fair and kind, and that is why people love her. The audience is given the impression that she would have made a good mother, and one can even imagine that she has some of the same qualities as Pam. However, her career always came first. In the episode "Prom Night", it comes out that she is actually seven months older than Danny, in contrast to what she told Danny when she first came to Wake Up, San Francisco – that she was a year younger.

Danny proposed to Vicky during the fireworks at Walt Disney World and she accepted.

They were engaged for months, but then she got a job doing the weather in New York, and she and Danny decided to part ways. As they did, he said, "I can't ask you to give up your dream, so I guess I have to give up mine."

After season seven, Vicky was not seen or mentioned again, even in the series finale.

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