Viva Las Joey
Season 4, episode 7
Viva las joey123
Air date November 2, 1990
Writer(s) Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren
Director Joel Zwick
Previous A Pinch for a Pinch
Next Shape Up

Viva Las Joey is episode seven in season four of Full House. It originally aired on November 2, 1990.

Opening Teaser

Jesse is cooking something in a skillet for breakfast, when Michelle comes in saying she has an "owey". Jesse takes care of that with a Band-Aid for her, when the "owey" suddenly switches locations. As she explains, "'Owey's are very tricky!"


We pick up where the teaser leaves off, and as Jesse puts the Band-Aid on Michelle's "owey", the phone rings and the call's for Joey.

Because of an illness, the Aronson Chimps, who are scheduled to open for Wayne Newton in Las Vegas, can't perform, so Joey's agent gets him booked to take the place of the Aronson Chimps. As Joey is packing, and everyone is preparing to go to Las Vegas with him, Jesse suggests that Joey call his mother, Mindy, to ask her to come to Las Vegas to see him. Joey mentions that Mindy has a job working as Goofy at Disney World, so Jesse asks Joey if he would like to invite his father, Colonel Gladstone, to see the show. When Michelle hears this news, she goes to tell her sisters, but confuses Wayne Newton with Fig Newton, and this confirms her sisters' fears – that she is really mixed up.

Joey tells Jesse that he does not think Colonel Gladstone would be able to make it to the show because his parents got a divorce. That gives D.J. and Stephanie an idea: why not surprise Joey by secretly inviting the Colonel to the show? The family heads to Las Vegas after D.J. and Stephanie secretly leave a message on the Colonel's answering machine. In Joey's dressing room, Stephanie slips up and mentions that they had invited the Colonel to the show. Danny and Jesse explain that Joey had told them that ever since the Colonel and Joey's mother got divorced, Joey and the Colonel have not gotten along with each other. Joey is most definitely surprised when Colonel Gladstone shows up at his dressing room. They have a big argument, talking about all the things that the Colonel missed out on, from Joey's elf performance in the 3rd grade Christmas play to him scoring the winning goal in the junior hockey tournament. But what shocks Joey even more is when the Colonel says he could've done something important with his life, but Joey says he is, and what's important to him is making people laugh, running his own production company (Double J Creative Services), and helping Danny raise the girls.

When the Colonel disagrees about Joey's so-called "work" and thinks that he should have gone to West Point like him, he walks out, leaving his son depressed, distraught, shocked, and speechless, all in more ways than one.

Later, Joey does his performance (with a mention of his dad, and some added jokes about the military). After the show and an apple juice toast, Colonel Gladstone shows up at the dressing room again. It turns out that he stayed and saw the show, and liked it, especially the jokes directed towards/at him. Joey and Colonel Gladstone have another talk (as the inspirational music plays), and this time they work things out. It turns out the Colonel was indeed an inspiration for Joey's comedy work, and he even surprises his son with what he knows about comedy. He even ensures his son that he will work on the Popeye laugh (much to the laughter and applause of the studio audience as the EP credits appear).


[In their room, D.J. and Stephanie call Colonel Gladstone and leave a message on his answering machine.]
D.J.: This is Joey Gladstone's personal secretary... [looking at the two posters above her bed] Janet... Abdul [Janet Jackson / Paula Abdul].

Stephanie: Hello? This is his other personal secretary... Barbie doll... [cut to Mr. Bear]...and Bear!


The episode title is a take on "Viva Las Vegas", a famous song by Elvis Presley, which is featured in the film of the same name. In this episode, the song is played as actual footage of Las Vegas is shown, as Joey is heading there.

Continuity error: In the episode "A Pox in Our House" (1.15), Joey gets the chickenpox, but in this one, the Colonel says, "Remember when you were three and had chickenpox?"

This is the first episode to pick up where the teaser leaves off; "Prom Night" (season 6) is the second

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