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Wendy Tanner is a character on Full House, portrayed by Darlene Vogel. She is Danny's younger sister.


Wendy had to move around a lot because of her job, but a companion who was always with her was Ginger, her pet chimpanzee, who she met in Uganda. She liked collecting odd things, such as a piggy bank that scared both Stephanie and Michelle, and was also very athletic.

In "Too Much Monkey Business", up until now Wendy and Joey did not get along, since Joey pranked her so much. But it was just because Joey had a small, secret crush on her. It turned out that Wendy had a crush on him, too. It was only many years later that they found out that they had the same feelings for each other, after Wendy and Joey met once again. Wendy had asked Danny to drive her to the zoo, but he could not, so he asked Joey to bring her without pranking her. When they came back, they were very close. Danny seemed to be protective of her when he found out about their relationship, but it turned out that he was just trying to protect Joey from getting hurt, because he knew how much Wendy moved around.


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