Zoey is a one-time character who appears in the season two episode "Triple Date". She was played by Jennifer McAllister.

Triple date

(from left) Jesse, Zoey, Cheryl, Joey


Zoey is first mentioned by Danny when he reveals that he set Denise's friends up with Joey and Jesse, with Jesse suggesting that Joey should be with Zoey due to their names rhyming. She makes her first real appearance when she and Cheryl enter the house while Denise goes to look for a parking space. As Zoey introduces herself, Joey jokingly makes fun of it, which Jesse and Cheryl laugh at, but she takes offensive as she says she was named after her grandmother whose dying wish was for her granddaughter to keep the name alive. Zoey and Cheryl are also surprised to learn that the Jesse that Cheryl was set up with is Denise's ex-boyfriend, even mentioning that she named her puppy after him.

Later, during dinner, Zoey puts down Joey's comedic impression of Jimmy Hendrix on guitar, reminding that he lived a tortured and tragic life for his music. Zoey, Denise and Cheryl approach the bathroom when they see a wet Danny taking D.J. to his room after hearing that she dropped his wedding ring in the sink. While Cheryl helps Joey with Michelle and Denise talks to Jesse alone, Zoey fixes a crooked picture frame.

After Danny has his talk with D.J., Zoey walks into the room holding Danny's ring, as it is revealed that the ring was actually on the bathroom floor and admits she cleaned up, as she is revealed to be a bit of a neat freak, which Danny admits he loves that in a woman.

After kissing Joey goodbye, she and Danny have a moment when they talk about cleaning tips, following up with a romantic kiss.

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